Turn Key Design, Fabrication and Installation

VEB M.E is an engineering firm that provides design solutions to the unique requirements of a broad spectrum of customers. Our mark of distinction is workable solutions and reliable turnaround times. We have a proven track record with turnkey systems supplied to various markets.

We specialize in conveyors and provide systems of all types. Our services include stainless steel, mild steel and electrical product design and manufacturing.

Our fabrication and mechanical engineering services include CNC bending, rolling and cutting. These turnkey systems are not limited to a single industry or manufacturing sector, rather to a wide range of applications.

VEB M.E. has five full-time designers to design and simulate customer requirements using 3D AutoDesk Product Design and Manufacturing Suite software before the manufacturing process begins. This reduces the assembly and installation time, particularly for one-of-a-kind designs and projects. In addition, this department is also involved in electrical design if required for the product.

In addition to laser cutting, we offer the following services:

  • Fabrication of various parts and components based on client specifications.
  • High-quality welding services are done by our welding crew skilled in aluminium, stainless steel, robotic welding and mild steel welding.
  • Assembly of parts through bonding with adhesives, rivets, threaded fasteners, etc.
  • Machining on lathes and machining centres to shape metal by removing unwanted material in a controlled way.
  • Cut to length with two Everising bandsaws to straighten, measure, cross-cut to length, and stack various steel and metal sheets.
  • Press brake bending on an Amada machine with powerful PC-based control and programming software to generate interactive databases for bend allowances, angle corrections, and spring-back, resulting in quality parts produced quickly.
  • Shot blasting of mild steel components to remove debris like oxides from the surface.
  • Bead blasting of stainless steel components for a consistent, clean, and streak-free finish.
  • Fettling to remove the excess material that forms when molten material is injected into a die or mould.
  • Painting

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