Laser Cutting and Bending

Laser cutting is used in various industries and uses a laser to cut, score, engrave, or otherwise alter physical objects.

We have both a 12kw and 3kw fibre laser cutter that allows us to cut up to 30mm thick plates in both stainless steel and mild steel.

The most common industrial application for laser cutting ranges from thick-section sheet materials for large industrial applications to medical stents. CO2 laser sources have traditionally dominated the laser cutting industry. However, recent advancements in fibre-delivered, solid-state laser technologies have increased the benefits of laser cutting by providing faster cutting speeds and lower operating costs.

VEB M.E has the necessary equipment, knowledge, and expertise to conduct laser cutting according to your specifications.

The advantages are:

  • High-quality cut with minimal post-cutting finishing required.
  • Flexibility – simple or complex parts can be easily processed.
  • High-precision cuts are possible.
  • Fast cutting speeds equate to low operating costs.
  • Rapid setup for small batches with a quick turnaround.
  • Low heat input results in low distortion.
  • Most materials can be cut.
  • Engraving of bend lines.

Our metal fabrication services also include metal bending. We strive to provide high-quality metal solutions for a wide range of specialized applications. Furthermore, our experience and skilled technicians enable us to provide individual, custom-made parts.

VEB M.E provides metal bending services for a variety of metals and has worked with a variety of industries in South Africa. Our computer numerical control (CNC) press brakes feature powerful PC-based control and programming software that creates interactive databases for bend allowances, angle corrections, and spring-back. As a result, trial bending and the time required to produce quality parts are reduced.

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